Since 1968, BRLT SANKYO PIOTECH has been developing flow meters, feeders, blending systems, mill controllers & laboratory instruments, for powder and bulk solid material processing industries. More than 6,000 types of our products are deployed at the various factories and laboratories across many industries and geographies.

1) Cement Plants
2) Power Plants
3) Plastics Material
4) Refining and Mining
5) Chemical Industry
6) Food Factories Including Flour Mill, Rice Mill and Animal Feed
7) Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
8) Industrial and Domestic Waste Disposal Plants
9) Recycling Factories
10) Quality Control Laboratories

1) Measurements of Flow Rate, Output, Supply and Stock
2) Constant Feed; Control of flow Rate, Output or Supply
3) Batch Feed
4) Automatic Blend and Proportional Blend with Continuity and Batch
5) Control of Yield
6) Measurement and Control of Ball Mill etc
7) In-line Particle Size Measurement
8) On-line Bulk Density Measurement
9) Aerosol Particle Generation
10) Measurement of Liquid Level to Slurry
11) Measurement of Acid to Alkali


BRLT SANKYO PIOTECH developed Impactline Flow Meter 40 years application the theory of detect the horizontal components of impact forces.

IFM Characteristics:
1) All kinds of powder and bulk solids measurable.
2) Highly economical.
3) Ideal for automatic control of flow rates
4) Totally enclosed construction.
5) Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof construction.
6) Optimum sanitary construction.
7) Constant feeding with minimal pulsating flow.
8) The flow guide for powder and bulk solids passage is of non-enclosed construction.
9) Applicable in high pressure pressure process.
10) Accuracy maintained with stability.
11) Changes in characteristicsof powder and bulk solids will not influence the accuracy.

IFM Key Features:
1) Measurement are possible within the ranges of 0-50kg/h and 0-10,000 t/h.
2) Measurements possible of even highly adhesive powders.
3) Usable even for highly abrasive powder and bulk solids.
4) Usable even in high-temperature and cryogenic environments.
5) The transmitter’s bearing part is rigid and generates no frictions nor wear.

SFM Characteristics and Applications:
1) Wide Scope of Measurements.
2) Highly accurate measurements – 5/1,000 to 1/1,000 is possible.
3) Accuracy not affected by air flow, as contrasted with hopper scale.
4) Continuous charging of substances.
5) Virtually continuous discharging.
6) Totally enclosed constuction.
7) Intrinsicaly safe, explosion-proof construction also available.
8) Specially sanitary construction also available.
9) Designed compact and for much samller installation space than hopper scale.
10) Simple installation and Maintenance.
11) Use of ICs and Microcomputers ensure accurate control, trouble-free operation.
12) Far reaching measures to cope with troubles.

IF Characteristics and Applications:
1) Precision (+/-0.5 to 1% FS) constant rate grain feeding is possible.
2) Since there is no pulating flow, constant rate feeding is pssible with great stability.
3) At the time of commencement of operation, the feed rate attains the target flow rate speedily.
4) The running cost is low, with the power consumption suppressed within 60VA.
5) The Impact Feeder is andled with ease. Simply setting the target value on the controller and turning the switch to ON will enable fully automatic constant rate feeding.
6) It is designed with a simple construction, also for maximum compactness, lightness and rugged durability.

MC Special Features and Effects:
1) Reliable detection of load variations.
2) Early and dependable detection of abnormal operations.
3) Increased in production.
4) Reduced energy requirement and save energy cost.
5) Improved and stabilized product quality.