MX ShockWave™  – A Class Leading Effective Solution to Clogging

When your bulk materials storage or flow processes get stopped-up or clogged it can at best hold up, and at worst totally shut down operations. You need a solution you can rely on to prevent that from happening. MX ShockWave™ offers a complete solution to flow problems in any part of the production or storage process. Compact and extremely powerful, field proven to be absolutely safe and reliable, MX ShockWave™ quickly overcomes the toughest clogging.

Developed in cooperation with leading companies in the cement and chemical industries, MX ShockWave™  systems have proved to be effective solutions in bulk material handling, even with the most moisture sensitive materials, as well as in high temperature processes. 50 times more powerful than existing solutions.

MX ShockWave™ is a unique and patented high-pressure impulse system. Using compressed air of up to 3500 psi (240 bar), it creates a powerful shock wave followed by a high velocity air stream that is aimed directly into the aggregate material in the bulk storage or process vessel. The combined effect of shock wave + air stream makes MX ShockWave™ up to 50 times more powerful than current industry standard air cannons whose working pressure is only up to 100 psi.